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Diabetes lower in high tea drinking population -Report

Posted on November 14, 2012

Populations which drink high quantities of black tea have a significantly lower prevalence of diabetes, research has revealed.

A new study, published in the British Medical ...

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International Day for the Elimination of of Violence against Women

Posted on November 13, 2012

25 November, 2012.

Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread violations of human rights ...

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Upcoming Events

International Womens Day 2013: 8 March 2013


Read more: http://www.internationalwomensday.com/theme.asp

Human Rights Day:        10 December, 2012

Theme: "My Voice Counts"

This year, the spotlight is on the rights of all people — women, youth, minorities, persons with disabilities, indigenous people, the poor and marginalized — to make their voices heard in public life and be included in political decision-making. Read more: http://www.un.org/en/events/humanrightsday/2012/index.shtml

 World AIDS Day: December 1, 2012

World AIDS Day on 1 December brings together people from around the world to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and demonstrate international solidarity in the face of the pandemic. The day is an opportunity for public and private partners to spread awareness about the status of the pandemic and encourage progress in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care in high prevalence countries and around the world. Read more: http://www.who.int/world_aids_day/en/index.html

World Diabetes Day: November 14, 2012

Theme: "Diabetes Care for Everyone"

World Diabetes Day promotes awareness that every person with diabetes or at risk of diabetes deserves the best possible qaulity of education, prevention and care available. Read more: http://www.idf.org/worlddiabetesday

Global Handwashing Day: October 15, 2012

The EDFE will make a brief presentation to NAPO Private School, Abuja. In the same vein, it is often said that, Clean Hands saves lifes, Wash a germ and make a bubble. Read more: http://www.globalhandwashing.org/ghw-day.

UN International Day of the Girl Child: October 11, 2012

The International Day of the Girl Child recognizes the challenges and power of girls as well as serves to recognize girls as a population that faces difficult challenges. Read more: http://www.eepurl.com/p7irj

World Teachers' Day 2012 - 5 October, 2012

Theme: "Take a Stand For Teachers!"

The Education Development Foundation For Excellence proudly identifies with, and heartily congratulates teachers all over the world on this auspicious day. Read more http://www.unesco.org/world-teachersday

 International Literacy Day - 8 September
Literacy is a cause for celebration. There are now close to four billion literate people in the world, however, literacy for all – children, youth and adults - is still an unaccomplished goal and an ever moving target.
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EDFE is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2002 in response to ongoing efforts to provide schlorship to girls and boys to promote education and to address some of the challenges facing the Nigerian education sector specifically within the classroom setting. The organization undertook the process of building teachers’ capacity to effectively transfer learning and create an atmosphere for conducive learning for students, with an emphasis on the educationally disadvantaged areas of Nigeria. Its activities have since grown to include health and environment.




Maternal Newborn & Child Health(MNCH) - Every year, approximately 34 ,000 girls and women die in child birth or from pregnancy related causes  annually in Nigeria. Almost all these deaths are preventable. EDFE's intervention seeks to empower women, individuals, and communities, Government and the Private sector to take action. Promoting birth preparedness and complication readiness plan, educating and counselling women about HIV/AIDS, Family planning, pregnacy, Nutrition, immunisation, delivery and care of the new born as well as capacity building of service providers to inprove the quality of care. 

Adolescent Reproductive Health - Adolescents face unique reproductive and sexual health issues. Many young people lack the information and support systems to address the challenges of growth and development during adolescence and the skill to make informed choices. EDFE believes that when young people are informed, guided, educated, supported and motivated, they will make responsible choices to protect themselves.

Non communicable disease (NCD) - Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases are responsible for about two thirds of deaths globally.A large percentage of NCD is preventable.EDFE's Health outreach programe(HOP) offers health education, counselling,and screening execises as well as  make referrals.  

School Health - Investments in schools are intended to yield benefits to individual community and nations. Such benefits include improved social and economic development, increased productivity and enhanced quality of life in line with this EDFE promotes health promoting schools., empowers students and teachers with the Knowledge attitude and skills required to make positive healthy choices.




EDFE's research focuses on identifying gaps, promoting best practices in education and health  sector with a view to promoting recommendations for continous improvements.




Scholarship, Teacher's capacity, Adult literacy, community libraries. Overall, EDFE seeks to contribute to increasing access to quality Education and Health care services through Capacity Building, Research, Advocacy dissemination of timely and useful information and materials.


Press release

Educational Development Foundation for Excellence (EDFE), is proudly associated with the World Literacy Day 2012, with the theme: “Cultivating Literacy for Peace.”

EDFE believes that for any meaningful development to occur, basic Education is critical for nation building and literacy. Creating literate environment and society is essential for achieving the goal of eradicating poverty, reducing maternal, newborn and child morbidity & mortality, curbing population growth, achieving gender equality and ensuring sustainable development as well as peace, security and democracy.

In the same vein, literacy for all is the foundation for lifelong learning and a tool for empowering individuals and communities in the rapidly changing world of knowledge, innovations and technology to develop the ability to locate, evaluate and effectively use information in diverse manner.

Therefore, the acquisition of stable and sustainable literacy skills by all will ensure that people can actively participate in a range of learning opportunities throughout life.

Sequel to the above, Education Development Foundation for Excellence (EDFE) will be embarking on the distribution of Books and other learning materials to some selected schools under her “School Library Project” in COCIN Nursery/Primary School, Busa Buju, Laranto -Jos, Plateau State – Nigeria, on the 10th September, in commemorating the 2012 World Literacy Day.

EDFE calls on government at all level (Federal, States and Local Governments) to reinforce their political will to mobilize adequate resources and develop more inclusive policy-making environment; device innovative strategies for reaching the poorest and most marginalized groups and for seeking alternatives formal and non-formal approaches to learning.

In the same vein, EDFE call on professional educational organizations, institutions, Donor agencies, NGOs, CBOs and stakeholders to expand their strategies and capacity in promoting quality education. Financial institutions should lead greater financial and material support to the effort to increase literacy and the attainment of the goal of education for all this will doubtlessly increase access to quality and sustainable literacy programmes and reduce the pool of adult non-literate in our society.

Dr. Nanna Chidi-Emmanuel (Mrs.)

For: President-EDFE : 8/9/2012